More Organization Planned.

So, a lot of my fanlistings still have manual displaying of the button codes. I was thinking that I might take the time to move them all over to the CodeSort display. Its easier and neater and I just over all like it better. So I might take the time to do that in the near future. I mean, it won’t be right this minute nor will I be starting right away.

I mean, its going to take quite a bit of time. There are a LOT of codes to move over! But that’s just what I plan to do in the future. :)

Posted March 29th, 2012 (11:28pm).

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Red Hair Dyen

I just finished opening my new fanlisting for red hair dye! :D I’m just waiting for the members list now. I really love how the layout came out. I won’t deny that. I love the layout! <3 Anyways, go check it out!

Posted February 20th, 2012 (10:09am).

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OMG! I can’t believe it! I got approved to take over the fanlisting for my absolute fanlisting model, Jessica Stam! She’s so beautiful! I just love her! <3

Posted November 18th, 2011 (4:00pm).

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