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This is my keep in mind list (KIM list). This is where I list all of the previous owners and anyone else who is interested in fanlistings that I own. These people are the first I inform when I have a fanlisting that I am no longer interested in. People on this list get first dibs in applying and adopting fanlistings. I'm willing to add anyone to this list though. All you have to do is apply to join the list.

Please remember though, just because you are added to the list and apply for a fanlisting (when its available for adoption) does not mean that you will automatically get the fanlisting. You will still have to go through the exact same process as everyone else and you will have the exact same chances in receiving the fanlisting as everyone else. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't join this list though. That way, you'll never miss out on one of my fanlistings that you may be interested in.

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